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Get Up and Go
Friday February 7, 2014

Trivia Night is April 26
Save the date! On Saturday, April 26, Get Up & Go!, along with our partner the St. Clair County Youth Board, will host our second annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction. The event will be held at St. Luke's Parish Center in Belleville at 7:00 p.m. Like last year, there will also be a silent auction, 50/50 drawing, and cash prizes. The registration form is on our website.

Would you like to sponsor a round of trivia to advertise your business or cause? What about making a donation to the silent auction? Get Up & Go! depends on the generosity of community members like you to make this event a success! The donation form is also on our website.

Hope to see you there! 
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5th Annual Health Policy Summit in St. Clair County, Illinois
by Rita Arras & Mark Peters2013 Health Policy Summit Walk Audit

The theme for this year’s health policy was the connection between healthy bodies, minds, and communities. The two keynote speakers impressed the 160-member audience by building a strong case for these connections. According to Mark Fenton, a nationally recognized expert in public health planning and transportation, communities should consider walkability as fundamental to well-being as safe water and sanitation. “We have engineered physical activity out of our daily lives and the price that we are paying is an unrelenting tide of chronic disease and disability.”  

Mark returned to St. Clair County, as a keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Southwestern Illinois Health Policy Summit, held on November 7th at Lindenwood University in Belleville. “Communities that support physical activity not only see a positive impact on residents’ health,” says Fenton, “but on the local economy and environment.”

Fenton’s presentation addressed the need for community, environmental, and public policy initiatives to encourage more walking, biking, and public transit use. To demonstrate this, he led Summit Participants on a Walk Audit through a Belleville neighborhood. The second keynote speaker at the Summit, Paul Zientarski, shared his successful experience with Learning Readiness Physical Education (LRPE), which has led to dramatic improvements in standardized test scores, student behavior, and childhood obesity for students in the Naperville School District in Naperville, Illinois.

The first Annual Health Policy Summit was inspired and funded by St. Clair County’s participation in the YMCA Pioneering Healthier Communities (PHC) initiative. The Summit has become an annual event convened by many of the original PHC organizations, the County Health Care Commission, and Get Up & Go! This year’s Summit was funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s We Choose Health Initiative, originating from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The November Summit brought together over 160 local health leaders, policymakers, and school professionals committed to building healthier communities. Several community organizations and schools represented their programs and projects by displaying informational posters during the Summit. Belleville East High School and Freeburg Elementary School displayed posters of their Coordinated School Health efforts. Breakout sessions hosted by PHC team members were provided to Summit attendees to expand their knowledge on Coordinated School Health principles and practices. Additional breakout sessions covering Safe Routes to School plans and implementation were also a focus area that school representatives were encouraged to attend. Twenty-six local schools were recognized for their efforts to develop Coordinated School Health and Safe Routes to School programs. Each school received We Choose Health banners (below) in recognition of their efforts. 

In addition, three St. Clair County Communities were recognized for their outstanding efforts in building healthy environments for their residents. Belleville, Smithton, and Freeburg each received a plaque signifying their distinction as Get Up & Go! Communities. 

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We Choose Health Updates
We Choose Health Logo

Work of Complete Streets Leadership Team Continues

For the last two years, Get Up & Go has been designated under the We Choose Health Grant as the convener for the Complete Streets project in St. Clair County. In this role, we’ve assembled a team of experts and stakeholders to plan for and promote the message of Complete Streets throughout St. Clair County. Team members include representatives from: St. Clair County Health Department, the City of Belleville, Metro Transit Authority, Metro East Parks and Recreation, HeartLands Conservancy, McKendree University, University of Illinois, and  TWM Engineering.

The leadership team has helped plan content and recruit speakers for the last two Policy Summits, planned a half-day seminar on Complete Streets in June 2013, conducted key stakeholder assessments in ten communities in St. Clair County, and facilitated adoption of Complete Streets Resolutions in six communities in St. Clair County. The resolutions are especially important in setting the stage for implementation of Complete Streets projects in the county. While the leadership team is proud of these achievements, we acknowledge “we’ve only just begun.”  

In 2014 the Complete Streets Leadership Team will focus on:

  • Conducting additional key informant and other Complete Streets assessments
  • Urging more communities to adopt Complete Streets resolutions
  • Helping communities secure funding for Complete Streets projects
  • Moving forward with specific plans for Complete Streets
Watch for more information in upcoming months!
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Get Up & Go! Recognizes Good Work of St. Clair County Towns

Belleville, Smithton, and Freeburg have been officially designated as Get Up & Go! Communities. We presented a plaque to Mayor Eckert on behalf of Belleville, Mayor Klein on behalf of Smithton, and Administrator Tony Funderburg on behalf of Freeburg at our November 9 Policy Summit. We also repeated this presentation before the Belleville City Council on December 1 and will be presenting to the Freeburg Village Board on February 3 and Smithton Village Board on February 4.

Congratulations to these outstanding communities! Each has gone above and beyond to pursue good health for their citizens:

  • Freeburg supports Community Helpings food cooperative making fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable for residents. 
  • Smithton’s beautiful Village Park is an excellent example of public private partnerships between the Village and volunteer organizations like the Boy Scouts and Commercial Club.
  • The growth of Belleville’s Employee Wellness program has paid financial dividends in reduced health care costs and a dramatic drop in workmen’s compensation claims, according to Human Resource Director, Jim Schneider.

The Community Recognition Program

Get Up & Go has worked with towns in St. Clair County since 2008 to promote healthy eating and active living. In October 2013, we launched the Get Up & Go! Community Recognition Program. To qualify for this recognition, towns complete an application that describes plans, policies, and environmental features that promote healthy eating and active living for citizens and their municipal employees. A committee from Get Up & Go reviews and evaluates the applications.

If you believe your town could qualify for recognition as a Get Up & Go! Community, visit our website for more information

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Community Spotlight: Employee Health Fair a Good Investment for O'Fallon
by April Mitchell

The City of O’Fallon, IL has been offering an employee health and wellness fair since 2006, coordinated by the Human Resources Division and the Health and Wellness Team. The contents and learning opportunities offered at the fair have grown since its inception and the employees evaluate the event positively.

The event is typically held in October so that flu shots can be provided. Each employee who is working on the day of the fair is given 2 hours to attend the fair. Many come out carrying a bag full of resources and information, typically including screening measurements such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, body mass index, and cholesterol levels offered by the local hospitals as a community service. The City also tries to bring demonstrations of fitness activities (Zumba, yoga, martial arts) as well as alternative therapies (acupuncture, massage). The vendors are asked to bring an attendance prize that’s awarded via a drawing to employees who attend and visit a certain number of booths, including a screening.

Recently, O’Fallon has combined efforts with the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce (on behalf of member organizations), City of Fairview Heights, and Village of Shiloh with assistance and sponsorship from O’Fallon’s health insurance broker. Each organization now provides a team member for planning purposes. Following the sponsorship, the event now offers a disc jockey that provides upbeat music and major attendance prizes (treadmill, elliptical) in addition to the vendor-provided attendance prizes.

These organizations are publicly funded so the dollars for such an event must be cautiously spent and a return on investment must be apparent. Sponsorship by the broker, giveaways by the vendors and screenings from the hospitals all help to keep the costs low. The staff time of each organization to coordinate the event, time away from work to attend the event and any individual services paid for on behalf of the employees (flu shots, screenings) are the major costs associated with the fair. From the City of O’Fallon’s perspective, the return on investment is far-reaching. The extra emphasis placed on health & wellness leads to healthier more informed employees. When employees are healthier, they have fewer health insurance claims, they tend to call in sick less often and they have fewer workers’ compensation claims. The health fair also increases employee satisfaction. All of these factors lead to a more productive workforce.

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FREE Health Apps for Smart Phones
It’s a phone, an alarm clock, a jukebox, and an arcade. So is it any surprise that your smart phone can also help you shop for groceries, lose weight, and give you a personalized workout routine? Here are a few of our favorite apps for healthier living.

Fooducate (available for Android, iPhone, and web)

This is a great app to use while buying groceries. You can scan a product’s barcode and then:

  • See product highlights (both good & bad)
  • See the stuff manufacturers don't want you to notice – too much sugar, fat and confusing serving sizes
  • Compare products and see healthier options

My Fitness Pal (available for Android, Blackberry, IPad, iPhone, Windows, and web)

This app can help you track your food and exercise. It has a food database of over 3,615,000 items. It can also tell you how many calories you burned during exercise.

SparkPeople (available for Android, Blackberry, IPad, iPhone, and web)

This app is full of features, including these and many more:

  • Track your food with a calorie tracker
  • Access your meal plans, fitness and calories burned with a cardio tracker
  • View a quick glance screen of your calories eaten and burned for the day
  • Track your water intake

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App (available for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)

Provides personalized workouts in 7 minute intervals. Users can choose their fitness level and the type of workout they want to do. The workout library contains 36 different exercises with over 1,000 workout combinations.
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Crispy Edamame
When our reviewer made this for the first time, her 11-year-old son called it “edible-mame” and begged for more. Anytime a kid asks for vegetables, you know it’s good. Make this as a quick snack or appetizer.

12-ounce package frozen shelled edamame (green soybeans)
1 Tbsp olive oil
¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation:Step 1 Edamame

1.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Place the edamame into a colander and rinse under cold waterto thaw. Drain.

Crispy Edamame Step 2
2.   Spread the edamame beans into the bottom of a 9x13 inch baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle cheese over the top and season with salt and pepper.

Crispy Edamame Step 43.  Bake in the preheated oven until the cheese is crispy and golden, about 15 minutes.

From, submitted by Sophia Candrasa
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