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Faith-Based Organizations

The Vision of Get Up & Go in St. Clair County IL Supports Faith to Encourage HealthOur vision towards optimal health is grounded in a belief that we can have a positive influence on tranforming our communities and helping individuals reach their potential. Since it's earliest beginnings, the Get Up & Go! Campaign has been built upon the work that many faith-based organizations have inspired. One of the reasons why the Campaign places such a priority on the work of our faith based partners is because we consider health and wellness to include all the dimensions of our community (spiritual, social, physical and mental). Who better to understand how these dimensions shape and define our communities than our faith based partners.

This section will be dedicated to highlighting the role that faith based organizations can play in helping to build healthier communities. Faith is all about learning to take healthy steps in the right direction. It's a lifelong journey to become as complete and as whole as possible.

In the weeks ahead, we'll use this section to highlight the various activities undertaken by our faith based partners to inspire and support healthy living for their members and surrounding community. If you are interested in promoting some of your organizations events and activities through our website, or simply want to learn how you can get involved in our Campaign, please contact us at info@getupgo.info.