School: Grant

District CCSD #110
10110 Old Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208

Chairperson: Carla Lasley

Plan Description

  • Wellness inservice for staff
  • Dental mobile
  • Introduction of new fruits and vegetables
  • Bike/walk to school day
  • Host a 5K
  • Wellness Day Inservice
  • Walking Counts
  • Family fun and physical activity nights

Plan Results

  • On the first day of school, we will have blood pressure checks and health information
  • In October, we will have teh dental mobile at school to provide free dental services
  • Each month, we wil provide samples of new fruits and vegetables
  • We are planning our first bike/walk to school day- enocuraging staff to participate
  • We are going to link to our districts 5K to add an enticing themed portion
  • We will have free screenings and information available during the first day
  • We will give each teacher a pedometer and ask them to track steps each day.  Contests for most steps-most increased steps will encourage staff to particpate in these
  • Have families come participate in physical acitivity nights to get the family moving together