School: Illini

District CCSD #110
21 Circle Drive
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208

Chairperson: Travis Klein

Plan Description

  • Implement evidenced base curriculum
  • School nurse meets with staff
  • School nurse provides CPR training and first aid training
  • CATCH Go, Slow, Whoa introduced
  • Healthy breakfasts choices
  • Social worker coordinates with staff to provide services
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Safety improvements
  • Morning walking
  • Healthy lunches for staff
  • Parent breakfasts
  • Parent/students physcial acitivity nights

Plan Results

  • Implement CATCH in our school and increase amount of physical activity
  • Nurse works with teachers and administration
  • Nurse trains teachers and staff annually on CPR and basic first aid
  • Nutritious foods indentified and listed at the classroom level
  • More breakfast choices offered with more health benefits
  • Students needs are assessed on a regular basis
  • Implement a walk to school day
  • Complete grants to offset costs of cameras and fencing
  • Staff encouraged to track health choices
  • Social committee organizes salads for pot lucks
  • Monthly parent breakfasts with students
  • Physical acitivity nights organized monthly for each grade level