School: Henry Raab Elementary School

District District #118
1120 Union Ave.
Belleville, IL 62220

Chairperson: Kim Showalter

Plan Description

  • Create a wellness newsletter
  • Take students on a zip-liing/canoeing field trip
  • Whole brain teaching
  • Incorporate Go, Slow, Whoa program
  • Promote physical activities as rewards
  • Walking program/Couch to 5K
  • Girls on the Run
  • Family Fun Night
  • Parent Wellness Meeting

Plan Results

  • A quarterly newsletter will be published by the students- it will feature articles written by the students about wellness/health topics
  • Took intermediate students on a field trip that promoted physical activities- both students and staff participated
  • Entire staff was trained and implemented Whole Brain teaching in all classrooms
  • Attach wrappers/containers from lunch food items, both school and home provided, into three categories during lunch periods
  • Our school uses whole school or whole class celebrations.  We are promoting more physical activities and less food treats
  • Gave staff pedometers and challenged each other/challenged staff to join 5K in spring
  • Several staff members mentor students which includes running with them in training and in the 5K run
  • Annual family fun night incorporating a health fair type atmosphere/cooking classes/ relay races
  • At a meeting of parents, discussion took place on the policies and activities at Henry Raab and the impact it has on the students


This is a story about what the school accomplished.