School: Lebanon Grade School

District District #9
102 West Schuetz
Lebanon, IL 62254

Chairperson: Jeff Teasley

Plan Description

  • PE staff working to add CATCH activities into the curriculum
  • Cafeteria staff to make sure more fresh fruit available to K-8 students
  • Re-evaluate vending machine choices
  • Participate in National Walk and Bike to School Days
  • Implement Girls on the Run at Lebanon Elementary
  • Implemented a walking club at Lebanon Elementary 

Plan Results

  • Purchased new equipment/games for students in K-5 to add activities that appeal to a broader spectrum of student interests
  • A fruit bowl was placed in an accessible location nerar the lunch line for students as they went through the line.  The fruit was free to students as part of their lunch fee.  Students were allowed to take as much as they wanted as long as it was eaten
  • Adveritsed teh National Bike and Walk to School Day and had staff and students participate in both events
  • Advertised Girls on the Run and had staff and students participate.  This started in Fall, 2013.  It will continue to be implemented
  • Grades 2-5 were encouraged to participate in a walking club during recess.  Laps and distance were logged and students were recognized and rewarded for reaching distance milestones