School: Lebanon High School

District District #9
200 West Schuetz
Lebanon, IL 62254

Chairperson: Leigh Jackson

Plan Description

  • Provide weight room for staff in  2014-2015 school year
  • Staff reward system
  • Stress management system for staff
  • Provide health class for students
  • Provide sports injury prevention to students
  • A new fitness curriculum will be added to physical activity
  • Strengthen the anti-bullying policies
  • School counselor, social worker, teachers, and administration will work with at risk kids

Plan Results

  • Athletic Director to give basic use instructions to weight room and fitness options
  • Healthier options to staff for celebrations
  • Provide speaker for teachers on in-service day in October, 2014
  • Students in junior high will now have a quarter of health for junior high physical education
  • Prevention and injury unit added to PE classes in high school
  • We will focus on individual rather than group progress
  • School counselor and Anti-bullying club started and Junior High
  • Form a team which consists of counselors, social workers, teachers, and administrators to work at the high school with at risk kids