School: Pathways

District BASCC
2401 Pathways Xing
Belleville, Illinois 62221

Chairperson: Brent Whipple

Plan Description

  • CATCH PE program
  • Healthy eating promotion
  • Salad bar option
  • Provide Parent's Night Out program
  • Staff wellness programs

Plan Results

  • School has aligned their PE curriculum with CATCH PE
  • School has begun offering a salad bar to provide students with a healthy food option
  • School applied for and received federal funding to imporve their food service
  • A Parent's Night Out program promoted healthly emotional health
  • A policy was created to provide school parent's two annual Parent's Night Out programs
  • During Parent's Night Out program, parents and students try new PE activities together
  • Staff were led by school nurse in group exercise 2 times per week


This is a story about what the school accomplished.