School: Roosevelt Elementary School

District District #118
700 West Cleveland
Belleville, IL 62220

Chairperson: Cindy Heidorn

Plan Description

  • Implement evidence based curriculum
  • The CATCH program will enhance Physical Education
  • Utilize CATCH Go, Slow, & Whoa Food posters
  • Implement a Walking School Bus
  • Common Language for conflict resolution/anger management implemented in the classroom.

Plan Results

  • Starting in August 2014, Coorinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) will be implemented in grades K-3
  • Starting in August 2014, we will use CATCH activities at least once a week during the Walk & Talk morning announcements.
  • Place Go, Slow, Whoa posters in the cafeteria.
  • Starting April 2014, start a Walking School Bus once a month.
  • Starting Septemeber 2014, the social worker will implement 5 Common Language lessons in the 1st grade classroom and 7 Common Language lessons in the 3rd grade classroom.


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