School: Douglass

District District 118
125 Carlyle Avenue
Belleville, IL 62260

Chairperson: Cheryl Buescher

Plan Description

  • Teachers inserviced on the CATCH program and its benefits
  • Extra PE time and movement throughout the day
  • Student Health master list
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Fruit and veggies for kids snack in classroom
  • Wellness week activities
  • Bulletin boards and posters displayed
  • Taste Buds
  • Social worker meetings with other school personnel
  • Bike safety presentation
  • Teacher education on medication dispensement
  • District wide volleyball league
  • Self-defense and weight management classes
  • Family Fun Fitness and Reading night
  • School wide CATCH committee
  • Dairy Council Fully Fueled Day
  • Newsletter

Plan Results

  • Teachers encouraged to use CATCH activities in their classrooms
  • Teachers implemented extra movement time throughout their regular classroom day using various tools like CD, DVD's, Brain Gym, Deskercise, Exercise/Dance/act out spelling words, math activities, and word walls
  • School nurse shares a list of students with health related issues with the classroom teachers
  • Nurse issues a quarterly newsletter to staff, students, and families
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, a fruit or vegetable snack is provided for all students and teachers in the classroom
  • Wellness week will be a celebration of health, fitness, and nutrition by wearing designated colors and P.A.C.K.( Pact assorted colors for kids) week encouraging students to pack and eat fruits and veggies that go  along with each color for each day
  • Go, Slow, Whoa posters and dexcriptions are displayed in the cafeteria and hallway
  • A program offered by our local Farmer's Market to educate children on making healthy choices and trying new fruits and vegetables
  • School psychologist or social worker meets on a regualar basis wit faculty and staff to assess student needs
  • Cycle of Giving presented a program to students and teachers about bike safety
  • A policy will be adopted on self-administration of quick-relief medications shared with teachers
  • Staff from all district schools are invited to participate in a VB league 
  • Teachers organize outside community members to present programs for the staff
  • Students and families particpated in an evening of stations including reading books on healthy topics, as well as reading recipes and making healthy snacks, such as smoothies.  Families also participated in an obstacle course as well as blood pressure screenings and dancing.