School: St. Libory School

District District #30
811 Darmstady Street
St. Libory, IL 62282

Chairperson: Michelle Albrecht

Plan Description

  • Drug Awareness Programs
  • Open Gyms
  • Little Dribblers program
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • CATCH activities
  • St. Libory Shuffle
  • New school health services
  • New nutrition services
  • School safety and environmental health improvements
  • Fall Festival
  • End of the Year activities

Plan Results

  • Drug Awareness Program was completed with the assistance of the St. Clair County Sherriff Department
  • Each morning, students had the opportunity to participate in open gym activities
  • Coaches organized a Little Dribblers program in the winter months for any student in grades K-4
  • Weekly Tae kwon Do sessions are now available for anyone interested across the region
  • CATCH activies have been added to the curriculum and CATCH equipment is being utilized
  • School and community participate in St. Libory Shuffle activity which promotes physical activity
  • New school heatlh serivces were offered to encourage parents to complete their child's physicals, identify heath issues, and medical field assistants will help school office identify health issues and concerns with student health records
  • Students K-4 participate in a mild break every day
  • CATCH nutition promotional program implemented
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables added to the school menu
  • Chemicals are being changed to a green system as the items are replaced
  • Two days per month, students and their families are encouraged to walk or bike to school
  • Fall festival included physical activities and healthy snacks
  • End of the year activities included physical activities and healthy snacks