School: West Jr. High School

District District #118
840 Royal Heights Road
Belleville, IL 62226

Chairperson: Kathy Knox

Plan Description

  • Implement CATCH/ Go- Slow- Whoa
  • School social worker meeting with girls on the track team 
  • Walking program/ Fitness program
  • Will have a Volks March
  • Girls on Track/ Fitness Gram/ New playground equipment
  • Have professional development on suicide prevention

Plan Results

  • Home economics instructor teaching Go- Slow- Whoa to students beginning January, 2014.
  • Will have girls on the track team participate in curriculum that addresses emotional/physical well-being
  • WJH staff encouraged to participate in Belleville 200th anniversary 5K on 4/25/14 and arrange for yoga/zuumba classes after school
  • Volks March will be implemented by Illinois Trekkers.  This will be for students/family/staff
  • Girls on track team will have curriculum to address physical/emotional well-being, will conduct physical fitness test/ and survey students for preferences of playground equipment
  • Have S.O.S. do inservice with faculty/staff