School: Westhaven School

District District #118
118 Westhaven School Road
Belleville, IL 62220

Chairperson: Nikki Boze

Plan Description

  • Improve healthy eating habit of students
  • Seek outside health information through the Red Cross
  • Monthly nurse meetings will be held
  • Bike safety information given to all students
  • Bike helmets for students
  • Provide massage therapy 2X per year
  • Health and wellness information at PTA meeting

Plan Results

  • Fresh fruit salad given to entire school
  • Monthly programs for 4 different grade levels
  • Policy planning and discussion of upcoming events will take place at the monthly nurse meetings
  • Cycle of Giving will come to school to present Bike Safety assembly
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital will fit students with new bike helmets
  • All teachers and staff received a 10 minute massage in the 2013-2014 school year
  • At all PTA meetings, wellness programs at the school will be discussed


This is a story about what the school accomplished.