School: Belleville East High School

District District 201
2555 West Blvd.
Belleville, Illinois 62221

Chairperson: Alyssa Glazebrook

Plan Description

  • Move access to facilities
  • Create individual physical activity and fitness plans
  • Implement SPARK
  • Promote healthy foods
  • School nurse will work with staff on accessing medical information
  • Health promotion training for staff 
  • Increase the amount of volunteers we have at the school

Plan Results

  • Create new areas for physical activity in 2014-2015 school year,  in order to reduce large crowds in current facilities
  • Develop individual activities for students based on initial fitness results with built in check points
  • Teachers have studied teh SPARK program and will make efforts to insure students are active for at least 50% of the time
  • Veggie stands outside the school cafeteria all year.  Veggies from Bridges program.  Advertise healthy chices in teh school newspaper
  • Nurses will train staff on where to access medical files pertaining to their students
  • Offer free stress training and after school physical activities for staff- promote more staff members to join the school's Biggest Loser contest
  • Plan activities that foster volunteer opportunities and offer incentives for family and community volunteers