School: Emge

District Distric #175
7401 Westchester Dr.
Belleville, Illinois 62223

Chairperson: Tracy Brown

Plan Description

  • Go, Slow, Whoa
  • Open Gym
  • Enhanced PE
  • 20 minutes of movement
  • School nurse works with teachers to identify health issues and share information
  • School psychologist/social worker meets on a regular basis with faculty and staff to assess student needs
  • Biometric evaluation for staff
  • Host family fun night
  • SchoolReach communication

Plan Results

  • CATCH is presented two times per week
  • Students review Go, Slow, Whoa once a week in PE class
  • Open Gym is given one time per week
  • Students have one fitness day a week
  • Students must be given 20 minutes per day
  • School nurse has increased her in-service opportunities for staff regarding asthma and preventative health information, will work with administration and school personnel reagarding action plans for handling medical issues, and will work with administration in setting a procedure for students to access quick relief medication and inhaler.
  • School psychologist/ social worker are active members of the Student Assistance Team and Response to Intervention teams.  School counselor serves on the County Crisis Team
  • all staff members were afforded the opportunity to complete their biometrics.  Submitting the results to the insurance company lowered staff's out of pocket expenses
  • Families were provided an opportunity to come to the school for fitness night.  All learned about the importance of stretching, healthy snacks, participated in Wiii Fit, and complete an obstacle course (laid out by BTHS football team)
  • Increased the usage of SchoolReach to inform of both community and district activities


  • The school nurse has taken and active role in the 504 and IEP meetings.  Her participation includes how to best communicate the student needs without violating confidentiality laws.
  • The building has takne inventory of current serices and ways to identifying students before they are failing.  These have led to an increase in PBIS strategies and the implementation of check and connect for the 5th and 6th grade students.