School: Freeburg Elementary and Middle School

District District #70
408 South Belleville Street
Freeburg, IL 62243

Chairperson: Theresa Goscinski

Plan Description

  • CATCH curriculum
  • Healthy days
  • Fitness Gram
  • Signs and posters displayed
  • Assess students needs
  • Implement a walk to school day/ bike to school day
  • Increase staff's physcial activity
  • Incorporate healthy diets
  • Annual family fun night incorporating health

Plan Results

  • CATCH curriculum taught by trained staff
  • Food/snacks brought to school for students to sample
  • Physical activity breaks given to students during the day
  • Morning food facts, signs and posters displayed in cafeteria, and sampling of healthy foods
  • Use community agencies for teaching social-emotional standards
  • Staff may partcipate in pedometer contests, zumba, and yoga
  • Staff will have healthy eating themes on pot luck days
  • There will be a family fitness evetn.  Aslo working with local agencies to promote health