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Tobacco-free Multi-unit Housing

Why is this important?

Residents of multi-unit housing are often forced to breathe tobacco smoke that travels through hallways and vents, even though they aren’t smokers themselves. Breathing secondhand smoke has many bad side effects. It also damages the housing – it sticks to wall, appliances, and carpeting – and makes it difficult and costly for housing managers to clean for new tenants. Everyone has the right to breathe clean, safe air. Our community needs to have smoke-free multi-unit housing.

Our goal

The goal of this working group is to protect St. Clair County multi-unit housing residents from secondhand smoke by giving them opportunities to live in a smoke-free environment. The first activity is to contact and meet with the St. Clair County Housing Authority and the East St. Louis Housing Authority.

Our objectives

Over the next year, the working group will:

  • Organize a smoke-free multi-unit housing coalition
  • Collect information on smoke free multi-unit housing policies and practices
  • Talk with housing residents, owners, and property managers about smoke-free housing


To learn more, contact:

Doug King at East Side Health District, dking@eshd.org

Latasha Ward at East Side Health District, laddison@eshd.org