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St. John United Church of Christ Community Garden

St. John United Church of Christ in Fairview Heights began in 2014 as a new garden grant awardee. Because of their outstanding work, Get Up and Go! funded them again in 2015.

Organizers started with 12 raised garden beds in 2014, collaborating with the Boy Scouts of America to build the beds. In 2015, the church’s vacation bible school used the garden curricular framework to teach children about healthy eating and gardening and 13 additional garden beds were added.

In 2016 they began a farmer’s market, the only one in Fairview Heights. The market generated $700 dollars donated to the local food pantry along with some surplus produce. In Fairview Heights, one out of four families with children under 18 are headed by women, and 25% of these families live in poverty. These are the families especially targeted by the community garden at St. Johns United Church of Christ.

St. John also worked with Fairview Heights schools this year to become a USDA Summer Meal site. This ensures low-income children in their community continue to receive nutritious meals when school isn’t in session.


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