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Biggest Loser Contest

Wendy Bradley the health works case manager for foster children of four years, at the St. Clair County Health Department is a great supporter of worksite wellness, and one of the ways that Wendy gets the employees involved in the program is by hosting an annual Biggest Loser Contest within the office. This contest helps employees maintain weight lost and work on healthy eating habits.

The contest is ten weeks long, and goes by the percentage of weight lost, it also entails each participant to put five dollars into a money pot and every week on Thursday at weigh in each participant is required to add two dollars if you gain, one dollar if you maintain, and zero if you lose. At the end of the ten week the first place winner gets sixty percent of the winnings in the money pot, the second place winner gets thirty percent, and the third place winner gets ten percent.

Over the past four years that the contest has been running, the average amount of weight lost has been between 10-18 pounds in the ten week period. Wendy can usually gather up to eleven participants each year, and throughout the years all the participants keep the weight that they lost off and maintain the healthy eating habits. With the encouraging e-mails, inspirational quotes, and the diet tips that Wendy sends out weekly, she keeps the will to be healthy in all the employees of the St. Clair County Health Department.

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