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Youth and Schools

Get Up & Go in St. Clair County IL Encourages Healthier YouthOne of the four priority areas of the Get Up & Go! campaign is Youth and Schools. We have always been
interested in promoting the health and wellness of our youth through collaboration with schools, faith-based groups, and the community.

We invite you to explore this section for practical tips, facts, creative ideas, featured events, articles, local places of interest, suggestions for how to integrate health and wellness into the classroom, and other links to help you develop health and wellness skills and understanding in your students.

1. Why is this important?
2. What are some ways that the Get Up & Go Campaign can help?
3. How can schools and youth organizations get involved?
4. Helpful Resources and Links

We Choose Health Initiatives

The following schools participated in the We Choose Health Initiative


St. John the Baptist School, Smithton

District BASCC

Pathways, Belleville

District CCSD #110

Grant, Fairview Heights

Illini , Fairview Heights

District Disstrict #201

Belleville West High School, Belleville

District Distric #175

Emge, Belleville

District District #105

Pontiac Middle School, Fairview Heights

William Holiday Elementary School, Fairview Heights

District District #118

Henry Raab Elementary School, Belleville

Roosevelt Elementary School, Belleville

West Jr. High School, Belleville

Westhaven School, Belleville

District District #181

Signal Hill School, Belleville

District District #189

James Avant Elementary, East St. Louis

District District #30

St. Libory School, St. Libory

District District #70

Freeburg Elementary and Middle School, Freeburg

District District #9

Lebanon Grade School, Lebanon

Lebanon High School, Lebanon

District District 115

Whiteside Elementary, Belleville

District District 118

Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Belleville

Central Jr. High School, Belleville

Douglass, Belleville

District District 130

Smithton Elementary, Smithton

District District 187

Huffman Elementary School, Cahokia

District District 201

Belleville East High School, Belleville

Bicycle Safety

Biking injuries and deaths are up in Illinois.  Schools are incorporating this Bicycle Safety Quiz into health curriculum for our youth.  Take the Illinios Bicycle Safety Quiz Challenge!

Fuel Up to Play 60

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity initiative launched by National Dairy Council, St. Louis District Dairy Council, and the National Football League, in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture. The goal is to get kids to fuel their bodies with healthy foods and be active for 60 minutes every day, with the help and support of their schools, families, and communities! At FuelUpToPlay60.com, students and schools can get fun and easy ideas for improving the health of the school environment, track healthy choices, and potentially earn rewards for their efforts. There are even funding opportunities to support the implementation of school wellness plans. For more information about Fuel Up To Play 60 and how your school can get involved, please contact the St. Louis District Dairy Council at (314) 835-9668.


Get Up & Go in St. Clair County IL Supports the Fuel Up to Play 60 Initiative